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Enter a world where mystery and magic converge...

Kiehn & Jacobsen is a Copenhagen-based jewelry brand founded in 2019. At Kiehn & Jacobsen, we possess a fervent desire to create and are deeply passionate about designing unique jewellery that embodies the wondrous stories spinning in our minds and daydreams. Our jewellery is not just a personal adornment; it is an invitation to explore your inner world. 


We dedicate many hours at our production facilities, where we handcraft our jewellery. Featuring natural beads and mysterious, decorative motifs, Kiehn & Jacobsen is a jewellery universe inspired by the mystical and enchanting aspects of nature. We place great importance on quality and strive to deliver the best possible products at a price everyone can afford.

So, let your curiosity lead you into a world of imagination, where every piece of jewellery whispers a tale waiting to be unfolded.


At Kiehn & Jacobsen, we don't just craft jewelry; we weave the beginnings of magical stories. 


With elegance and mystery as the benchmark for our designs, our vision is to add magic to everyday life through storytelling jewellery. 
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